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CPVC Tee 4" No Hub Coupling
CPVC Reducing Tee  
CPVC Coupling  
CPVC Cap  
CPVC Head Adapter Metal  
CPVC Bushing  
CPVC Plastic To Metal Adapter  
CPVC Cross  
CPVC Groove Adapter  


Tennessee was the 16th state in the USA; it became a state on June 1, 1796.

State Abbreviation - TN
State Capital - Nashville
Largest City - Memphis
Area - 42,146 square miles [Tennessee is the 36th biggest state in the USA]
Population - 5,689,283 (as of 2000) [Tennessee is the 16th most populous state in the USA]
Name for Residents - Tennesseans
Major Industries - mining (coal), electrical power, enriched uranium production, music, automobile manufacturing, farming (tobacco, cattle, soybeans, cotton), walking horses, tourism

Major Rivers - Tennessee River, Mississippi River, Cumberland River, Clinch River, Duck River
Major Lakes - Kentucky Lake, Norris Lake, Chickamauga Lake, Cherokee Lake, Tims Ford Reservoir
Highest Point - Clingmans Dome (located in Great Smoky Mountains National Park) - 6,643 feet (2,025 m) above sea level
Bordering States - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia

Origin of the Name Tennessee - The name Tennessee came from a Cherokee village in the region that is called "Tanasie."
State Nickname - The Volunteer State
State Motto - "Agriculture and Commerce"
State Songs - My Homeland Tennessee, The Tennessee Waltz, When It's Iris Time in Tennessee, My Tennessee, Rocky Top, Tennessee, and The Pride of Tennessee.

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